An Affordable Way to Protect Your Smile

Dr. Ash Sagar

Protecting your smile with a custom mouthguard is crucial to safeguard your teeth from impact during sports, or to prevent damage due to teeth grinding.

It really is a simple and affordable way to prevent common dental emergencies including:

  • Having a tooth knocked out or chipped
  • Concussions
  • Cracked teeth
  • Lip lacerations
  • Secondary trauma
  • Headaches and migraines caused by the TMJ

Professional Custom Mouthguard vs. Drug-Store Mouthguard

Mouthguards you can buy from a local drug-store, unfortunately, do not provide the same quality protection as a custom mouthguard designed by your dentist. The one-size fits all/”boil and bite” design is more difficult to talk with and drink water. It’s also more likely to fall out of place.

A custom mouthguard designed by your dentist is unique to your smile. It is carefully crafted to fit snug to your teeth and doesn’t feel loose or bulky. It’s built to stay intact should any sporting injury occur and protect your teeth from impact.

Protecting Your Smile from Teeth Grinding

Many patients who suffer from teeth grinding (also known as bruxism), feel instant relief by wearing a night guard or bite splint. These appear just like a custom sports mouthguard, but serve a different purpose.

By wearing a night guard or splint while you sleep, your teeth are then slightly separated and can no longer touch or grind down on each other. This will prevent further damage to your teeth and can also relieve chronic headaches or migraines caused by bruxism.

Unique Designs for the Kids

Did you know you can choose your mouthguard’s colour? You can pick your favourite sports team colour or mix your top two. Kids love to customise their new mouthguard, making wearing it even more fun.

If you’re due for a new custom mouthguard or splint, call our practice today to schedule your appointment.

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