First Visit to Dentist

You’ve been postponing going to the dentist for a while now.

But it’s time to get those teeth looking their best! We know you want your smile to be as healthy and bright as possible, so we have some information on what you can expect at your first appointment.

Here are a few things that may happen during your first visit to your dentist. Remember, this is just a general overview of what might happen in our clinic.

  • A dental x-ray of your mouth
  • Examination of all surfaces of your teeth and gums
  • review of any dental records from previous visits or other dentists (if applicable)
  • Teeth cleaning if needed, which includes polishing the surface of teeth using special tools or toothpaste designed for this purpose; removing tartar below the gum line; scaling away plaque on tooth surfaces; applying fluoride varnish or sealant to protect against tooth decay
  • Checking for cavities by examining hard-to-reach areas in between teeth and under fillings
  • Inspecting wisdom teeth (if applicable).
  • Taking impressions (moulds) of upper and lower jaws so we can make custom night guards or retainers if necessary

*Note that not all patients require these services. The checkup routine is done on a case-to-case basis

Benefits of visiting your dentist

Dental checkups are an excellent way to make sure your mouth is as healthy as possible! That’s why you need to keep up with regular dental appointments at all times.
Prevents Potential Dental Problems: Regular visits allow your dental professional to identify and address any issues before they worsen or spread out of control. Regular appointments with our oral health specialist help them detect possible problems early on so that treatment can be sought immediately and give patients peace of mind knowing their mouth will stay healthy and free from infection throughout all stages of life.

Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful: Clean teeth make you feel confident and will help to maintain your healthy smile in the long run.

Teeth cleaning, an integral part of a regular dental checkup, will eliminate any stains on your teeth and help keep them super clean and healthy teeth – hopefully so much that they’ll sparkle!

Saves Money In The Long Run: Regular dental checkups are relatively more affordable than the expense of not only treating and paying for expensive procedures but also your wallet.

Missing a dental appointment can also cause significant damage since it’s an indicator of poor oral hygiene habits that could cost much higher down the road when major issues arise that require costly procedures.

Prevent dental problems and save your teeth: Gum disease and tooth decay are some of the most common reasons why people lose their teeth. Gum diseases often occur due to inflammation in your gums that might damage the jawbone, leading you to have a higher risk of losing your teeth altogether.

At regular dentist visits, one can keep periodontal diseases at bay by maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your tongue along with flossing regularly after meals.

Maintain Overall Health: Your overall health depends on your oral health. Therefore, you should visit your dental hygienist regularly to improve your general health and well-being.

Why Choose Narre Warren Dental Care for Childrens Dentistry

Finding a great dentist can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding one who is experienced with children and special needs.

We are Narre Warren Dental Care – Narren Warren’s number one choice for children’s dentistry. Our dental team of expert pediatric dentists is dedicated to providing comprehensive oral health care in a fun and friendly environment that will make both parents and kids feel at ease during their visit. Our friendly team will work together as a team of experts in order to provide comprehensive dental treatment plans tailored specifically for each patient’s unique situation.

Let us help you give your child a beautiful smile and a wonderful dental experience!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our dental services? We’re here to help! Check out the
answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or browse through below for more information.
It’s always a good idea to have your child see the pediatric dentist by the time he or she is one year old, and it doesn’t matter if his or her first tooth comes through before then. After this age (and after they’ve gotten their teeth cleaned), you should go back every six months for an examination from our pediatric dentist at naree warren dental care.

As your child’s first dental visit quickly approaches, it is important to prepare for the experience. You can do this by talking with them about healthy habits, oral health care, and what they will go through during their checkup and make sure that they are brushing properly at home. Explain how a toothbrush works, and be prepared to answer any questions or concerns in advance, so there aren’t many surprises when you walk into the clinic!

A basic exam of baby teeth can cost anywhere between $50 and $200, but for some x-rays, you might pay as little as $25 or up to $250. For simple cleaning, it will set you back $75 – $200 depending on what is needed at the time of service.