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Compassion and effectiveness are among our team’s core values. Experience the difference our Narre Warren dentist can make in your life. Get in touch with us today or book an appointment to achieve your dream smile!

Our Most Popular Dental Procedures

Have you ever thought about having a healthy smile for life? We provide a wide range of dental services, from teeth whitening to extractions. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a local dentist. Our professional dental team is available to assist you in getting a healthier smile.
Invisalign: People who are conscious of the appearance of their teeth might benefit from Invisalign treatment. A series of clear aligners will gradually move your teeth into position throughout your treatment. These aligners will be tailored to your orthodontic requirements.
Braces: You deserve the best treatment available when it comes to your teeth. This is why we utilize dental braces at Narre Warren Dental Care to correct imperfections in our patients’ teeth that would otherwise go untreated.
Clear Aligners: You can have a straight smile without the hassle with Clear Correct. Simple aligners that go over your teeth (no creepy wire snapping against your gums). It’s quick and effective!
Veneers: Getting veneers will repay you immediately with a noticeable difference in your smile. The best part is that they can be utilized to conceal gaps and spaces between teeth. With this treatment, it’s never been easier to whiten your teeth while concealing any flaws that make you feel self-conscious.
Teeth Whitening: If you’re an avid fan of coffee and wine, it’s time to bid farewell to dull and lifeless teeth! Whitening can give you a dazzling white smile that will make heads turn. Coffee stains are a thing of the past, so say yes to more leisurely mornings.
Dental Crowns: Our dentists use the best materials and techniques to give you a beautiful smile. We can restore the stunning beauty of your teeth if you’re self-conscious about your teeth or one of them has been damaged in an accident.

Why Choose Narre Warren Dental Care in Berwick

Our whole team at Narre Warren Dental Care sets out each day with one objective in mind: to ensure that our patients have the finest possible experience when it comes to maintaining and improving their dental health.

Modern Dental Clinic: We use cutting-edge technology at our Narre Warren dental practice.

Friendly & Professional Dentist: Our Narre Warren dentists are committed to enhancing your oral health.

All the Latest Dental Procedures: We provide the most up-to-date and cutting-edge dental treatments.

We Care About Our Patients: Above everything, we treat you and your family as if they were members of our own family.

Narre Warren's Leading Dentist

We are dedicated to providing individualized and gentle dental care to all of our Narre Warren Dental Care patients. Our dental facility in Narre Warren is equipped with cutting-edge technology and provides a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Our Narre Warren dentists perform general and family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry procedures such as tooth whitening, dental implants, crowns, and veneers. In the event of trauma or emergency tooth pain, we also provide emergency dentist services.

Patients can visit and experience our quality service in Narre Warren and the nearby suburbs of Hallam, Hampton Park, Narre Warren North, and Narre Warren South.

Invest in a Beautiful Smile Now and Pay Later

With our dental payment options, you may smile now and pay later. To make dental treatment more accessible, we’ve worked with several popular payment plan companies for your convenience. To learn more about our interest-free dental payment plans, feel free to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any inquiries regarding our dental services? We’re here to assist you! For further information, look up the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, or browse through the list below.

Paying with EFTPOS, credit cards, and cash are all methods we accept. In addition, we are also linked with all major health insurance companies.

We have a HICAPS facility for easy on-the-spot processing of private health funds and Medicare dental claims.

The cost of a dental examination will vary based on the circumstances. A check-up typically costs $200, but this might increase to $400 if your dentist discovers any issues that need to be addressed during the consultation. These charges can increase considerably if you require multiple X-rays.

In some cases, Medicare provides rebates for children to receive dental care.

Children can be covered under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). To be eligible, children must be between the ages of two and seventeen, be eligible for Medicare, or receive a Centrelink payment such as the Family Tax Benefit A.

You can start building a great relationship with your child’s dentist at any age, but there are some guidelines you can follow to determine when it’s time to set up an appointment. Children should see a dentist at least once a year from the age of 1 to 2 years old, twice a year from the age of 2 to 6 years old, and once every six months from the age of 6 to 12 years old, according to the Australian & New Zealand Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

For any adult, going to the dentist can be an unpleasant experience, but it can be extremely frightening for a child. At the same time, visiting the dentist is just as vital for children as it is for adults.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for children to see a dentist at a young age:

An unhealthy diet and a lack of dental care are common causes of poor oral health. It’s challenging to improve your bad oral hygiene practices if you don’t take the time to go to the dentist. Poor dental health can affect all of these conditions: heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and tooth loss.

Finding a good dental clinic where your child feels at ease is ideal for both you and your child.

Most dentists are closed during the night, so if the pain is unbearable, please check our Berwick Emergency Dental Care page for information on what steps you need to take.

Choosing a new family dentist is a big decision. You and your family dentist will be partners in oral health care for a long time. As a result, you should look for someone you feel at ease with. Consider the following questions as a starting point when looking for a dentist who can match your needs:

  • What time does the office open? Do they fit into your schedule?
  • Is it convenient to go to the workplace from work or home?
  • Where did the dentist receive their education and training?
  • What does the dentist think about preventive dentistry?
  • How often does the dentist attend conferences and workshops for continuing education?
  • Is the workplace tidy, clean, and well-organized? Do all of the treatment room’s surfaces and equipment look clean?
  • Is the dental team friendly and eager to answer your questions?
  • Do you notice the dentist and other staff members using gloves and other protective gear while treating patients?

If you have a toothache, see your dentist as quickly as possible if:

  • You’ve had a toothache for more than a day or two.
  • Your toothache is excruciating.
  • Your mouth hurts when you open it wide, or you have a fever or an earache.

Dental infections must be identified and treated correctly to avoid spreading to other parts of the face and skull, and possibly even into the bloodstream.