Teeth Whitening In Hallam

Get a whiter smile with just one visit. Teeth whitening is an easy way to get a beautiful, healthy-looking smile in just 1 visit.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

Many people experience tooth discolouration as they age, making them self-conscious about how their smile looks. Here are some benefits that teeth whitening can give you:

Whiten Teeth Immediately: Within 60 to 90 minutes of finishing the teeth whitening procedure, you will be able to smile with your perfectly white teeth.
Reliable Results: Professional cleaning and whitening of your teeth are fast and reliable. You’ll get recommendations from our dentists for home maintenance after the session ends, so that you can maintain a bright smile for a long time.
A Safe and Comfortable Procedure: A dentist is your best option for a safe and effective teeth whitening process. They’ll keep an eye on your progress and adjust the concentration of the whitening agent to make sure you don’t have any dental issues. This way, your gums will be fully protected from irritation.

Personalised Whitening Treatment: In-chair whitening treatments are more personalised for your needs, unlike over-the-counter whitening strips. Your dentist will work on your teeth meticulously so that you can get the most out of each treatment with our professional approach.

The dentist will take a mould of your teeth to create custom trays for your mouth. This process ensures that each application is made evenly. When choosing the perfect shade of white for you, your dentist considers many factors. We will include how high or low your smile’s brightness spectrum is and what level of visibility is best suited.

Improves Self-Esteem: The impact of a healthy smile goes beyond physical health. Having a perfectly white smile can surely improve your self-confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any inquiries regarding our dental services? We’re here to assist you! The following are some of the most common questions we get. If you want more information, keep reading.

You can brighten your smile with over-the-counter whitening products such as white strips, whitening gels, or toothpaste, but the results won’t be as good or as fast as with professional whitening treatment. Some over-the-counter whitening products may even cause gum sensitivity.

With the help of a dentist, you can get those pearly whites without a hassle. We won’t use products with higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide that can damage your teeth. As a result, you can achieve a bright smile without damaging your tooth enamel.

Stains on teeth are usually caused by the foods we eat and drink. These include coffee, tea, colas, wines, and some starches like pasta or potatoes. Tobacco is also one of the causes of tooth discolouration and other oral hygiene issues such as gum disease. To avoid tooth discolouration and other oral hygiene issues such as gum disease, we recommend preventative measures before they happen.

The dentist will protect your gums with an appliance and gauze seals during the teeth whitening treatment. This stops the bleach solution from getting into places that are sensitive, like your gum line or cheeks. This ensures your safety as you go through this process.

The dentist will apply hydrogen peroxide gel onto your teeth before applying it under UV light for about 20 minutes. After the whitening session, you will see an improvement in your teeth’s appearance in an instant.

Whitening your teeth is a quick, 60-minute treatment. Your dentist will apply whitener gel on every surface of your teeth for three 10-minute sessions. If you have fillings in place, it can take up to 90 minutes before all areas are covered. However, the time will still depend on whether you receive a laser or ultraviolet light treatment.

Whitening treatment won’t damage any of your dental fillings or crowns, but it requires you to replace the coloured fixtures on all teeth after undergoing this process since teeth whitening does not work on crowns and fillings. Having them redone is an option so they match each other seamlessly.

If you are looking for a way to maintain your bright smile, teeth whitening is the answer. Teeth whitening effects usually last for almost 2-3 years depending on how you take care of it. With regular brushing and flossing, it’s possible to prolong this effect and achieve better results. Avoiding foods that can stain your teeth, like coffee or wine, can also help your teeth whitening effects last longer.

Teeth whitening is a great way to make your smile brighter and more appealing. However, there are some side effects that you may experience during the treatment’s initial stages, such as minimal tooth sensitivity and mild irritation to the soft tissues inside your mouth. This often only occurs for a few days and will subside after a week.

The cost of teeth whitening will vary depending on the condition of your teeth. The average price of an at-home teeth whitening kit is around $610. On the other hand, the average price of in-chair bleaching can be up to $260 per tooth.

Dental care for your teeth is important and should be taken seriously. When considering the cost of the teeth whitening process, it is best to check with your health fund first and confirm if they can cover your necessary dental treatments.

We know that not all dental care, especially cosmetic treatments, are not covered by insurance, so we offer affordable prices for all our dental services. If you have more questions regarding our payment plans, you may contact us at (03) 9805 4222 for more information.