Teeth Whitening In Narre Warren

Teeth whitening is an easy way to get a beautiful, healthy-looking whiter smile in just one visit. It’s quick and painless – no injections or surgery required! And it doesn’t take long at all before you start seeing results.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth discolouration is a problem that affects many people, especially as they age. This can cause you to be self-conscious and less confident in your smile.

Whiten Teeth Instantly: Within 60-90 minutes of the teeth whitening process, you get your bright smile back.
Reliable Results: Professional cleanings of your teeth are not only fast, but the results are also reliable. The dentist will give you recommendations for home maintenance when the session ends so that you can maintain a clean and bright smile at all times!
A Safe and Comfortable Procedure: A dentist is your best option for a safe and effective teeth whitening process. They’ll monitor progress to ensure you have no exposure to any damage while also adjusting the concentration of the whitening agent, ultimately ensuring that your gums are fully protected from attack!

Personalised Whitening Treatment: In-chair whitening treatments are more effective than over the counter strips because they’re personalised. Your dentist will work on a tooth at a time, customising each treatment to your unique smile and needs.

The process begins with the dentist taking a mould of your teeth. The custom made trays are then fitted to you and placed in your mouth so they can seal it off from any gel contact. This process is not just for protection but also ensures that each application will be done uniformly. Your dentist also knows how high or low one would want their white shade set as well as what level of brightness should be maintained (the brightest possible).

Improves Mental Health and Self-Esteem: Smile, and your brain will follow suit! While it’s important to take care of our teeth, the positive effects really do spread. With a healthy smile comes good mental health as well.

Why Choose Narre Warren Dental Care for Teeth Whitening

At Narre Warren Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing affordable dental solutions to all of our patients. We offer teeth whitening services at competitive prices so that everyone can enjoy having brighter, whiter teeth! Our staff will ensure that all of your questions about how long it takes to see results from our tooth whitening system are answered before booking an appointment with us. 

We’ve been helping Narre Warren and surrounding suburbs achieve whiter and brighter smiles. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest advances in teeth whitening methods, so we can provide our patients with optimum treatment.

You deserve to feel confident about your smile! Let us help you get that bright white smile back today. Contact us now to book an appointment or come in for a free consultation.

Frequently asked questions

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For a brighter smile, you can try over-the-counter whitening products like white Whitestrips, whitening gels or toothpaste. The downside is that the results will not be as good, and they may even cause sensitivity in your gums! There are more effective ways to get those pearly whites without all of this hassle by visiting a dentist for their treatments which contain higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide than what’s found in OTC products. As a result, you achieve better results without damaging your tooth enamel.

Our lifestyle habits can cause stains on teeth. Several foods and drinks have been shown to cause teeth stains, including coffee, tea, colas, wines and some starches like pasta or potatoes. Tobacco use is also a culprit in causing tooth discolouration and other oral hygiene issues such as gum disease, which can lead to mouth cancer. To protect your smile from these unwanted changes, we recommend preventative measures before they happen!

In teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will protect your gums with an appliance as well as gauze seals. This prevents the bleach solution from moving away from exposed areas and onto sensitive spots such as a gum line or cheeks.

Next, the dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide gel onto the tooth surface stains before placing them under UV light for approx 20 minutes. UV light will take few seconds to activate and penetrate deep into the enamel to break down the tooth stains so that you can see results right when it’s done!

Teeth whitening is a 60-minute treatment. The dentist applies whitening gel on every tooth surface in turn for three 10-minute intervals. Once you’re done with treatment, your teeth will be as white and shiny as they were when you first got them! If you have fillings in your tooth, then it can take up to 90 minutes. Depending on whether you receive a laser or ultraviolet light treatment, the treatment time can also differ.
The tooth whitening method does not have any effect on your fillings or crowns, but only temporarily. After the treatment, you must replace tooth-coloured fixtures to ensure all of your teeth are white and match together as a whole unit.

Though not a permanent solution, teeth whitening is an easy way to maintain your bright smile. One of the best ways to prolong this effect is by brushing and flossing regularly. Additionally, you must try to avoid foods with potential staining agents such as coffee or wine if possible because these will only shorten the life span of your tooth colour after treatments.

Don’t worry about spending too much money on dental care because we offer our services at an affordable price! Visit us today for more information.

The most common side effects of teeth whitening are a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity and mild irritation to the soft tissues inside your mouth. This often only occurs at first, during the initial stages of treatment.
Depending on how you want your teeth whitening to be performed, the price will vary. An Australian survey on dental fees conducted in 2017 estimated that an at-home teeth whitening kit could cost as much as \$610. Besides the complimentary consultation and plaque removal, the cost of in-chair bleaching can be up to $260 per tooth.

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. If you want to maintain your white smile, make sure that it’s insured! When considering the costs for the teeth whitening process, always check with your health fund first to uncover what level of cover they will provide and whether or not there are any limitations on how often payments can be made.

Suppose your insurance does not cover professional whitening treatment. In that case, we pride ourselves on offering affordable prices for all our dental procedures, including teeth cleaning, fillings and crowns etc. Call us today on (03) 9805 4222 to book an appointment or make an enquiry.