What is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Is your mouth feeling crowded? Are you experiencing severe pain at the back of your mouth?

It might be because you have a wisdom tooth that is trying to come through. Wisdom teeth are the last molars to emerge and usually appear in the late teens or early twenties (between 17 and 25 years of age)

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are often in the way. Dental care, such as tooth brushing and flossing, is more difficult when wisdom teeth cause overcrowding. Removing your wisdom tooth before it has the chance to create a severe problem prevents you from having your mouth full of dental work that could have been prevented with early removal.

Here are some more benefits of wisdom tooth removal:-
Increased tooth space: Wisdom tooth extraction prevents overcrowding and misaligned teeth.
Clean and Healthy teeth: The risks of not being able to clean your teeth, such as dental decay and cavities, are simply too high to ignore. One benefit of wisdom tooth removal is that it can be much easier to keep the surface plaque-free than with a full set of teeth.
The risk of oral injuries is minimal: Wisdom teeth commonly come through at an angle. This can cause you to accidentally bite your cheeks while chewing and may scratch the sides of the tongue as well. If this is happening to you, make sure that these new additions don’t have anything to do with causing ulcers or injuries in other parts of your mouth. It is advisable to have a consultation with the dentist.
Reduces headache: If you are experiencing a headache that your doctor cannot explain, and the chronic pain seems to be coming from your teeth or jaw, then it might not just be caused by stress. Your dentist will examine molars, wisdom teeth etc., and give their opinion on whether wisdom teeth extraction would have any effect on relieving some of this pressure.

Why Choose Narre Warren Dental Care for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Narre Warren Dental Care offers low-cost options for patients who need their wisdom teeth removed in Narre Warren, VIC. Our dental team will first help you decide if removal is necessary or other treatment options available to you.

Our dentists will get rid of those pesky wisdom teeth with no fuss at all! They’ll numb your mouth so it won’t hurt at all, and then take out the tooth quickly and easily. You’ll be able to eat normally again right away, too, because there’s no recovery time needed after surgery. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night – our team is ready 6 days a week to help you out with any dental issue. Just give us a call today!

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our dental services? We’re here to help! Check out the
answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or browse through below for more information.
Wisdom teeth removal surgery is an operation in which impacted wisdom teeth are removed. The procedure typically takes between one and two hours to complete. Still, it can take up to six hours if the tooth has grown below other structures such as sinuses or gum tissue that needs time for anesthesia to work before it’s safe enough for a doctor to remove them. It’s also possible your dentist or oral surgeon will need more than one visit because they may not be able to see all of your wisdom teeth during this first appointment due to how far back some people have their third molars grow relative from where you’re seated when looking into the mouth with a dental mirror.
In order to receive coverage for wisdom teeth removal, you must have a high level of extras coverage. If an impacted tooth requires the removal of wisdom teeth, health insurance extras might cover the cost. Extras cover policies typically do not include major procedures like wisdom tooth extractions, but they cover general dental treatments like fillings.

It usually takes one to two weeks for people who have their wisdom teeth removed to heal fully. The complexity of the wisdom tooth extraction procedure and the number of wisdom teeth will determine how long it will take you to recover. But in rare cases, complications of wisdom tooth removal such as dry socket and even development of infection. Your healing process may take longer if you are older because chronic health conditions like diabetes or respiratory illness are more common when you’re old age.

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal will be a smooth process by following the mentioned instructions-

  • Take some time off work and rest.
  • An ice bag will reduce inflammation and help with any discomfort while the wound heals.
  • The wounded area should not be disturbed as this may cause irritation or infection.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine, soda and carbonated drinks
  • To relieve your discomfort, take Prescription pain medication. from Naree Warren dental care dentist
  • Avoid Spicy Food

It can take up to an hour and a half for your dentist or oral surgeon to extract all four of your impacted wisdom teeth, but you’ll be able to go home the same day. Just make sure not to eat anything after midnight before wisdom tooth surgery!

It is typically possible to remove wisdom teeth while you are sitting in the chair. So, you will be able to go home that same day. You can prepare for your wisdom tooth extraction by:

  1. Making arrangements for transportation
  2. Avoiding eating or drinking some hours before surgery (if necessary)
  3. Arriving early for the surgery
  4. Being prepared for anaesthesia
  5. clearing doubts about the surgical procedure with a dentist or oral surgeon
  6. Preparing in advance for the Recovery from wisdom tooth surgery

Some hours after the wisdom tooth removal procedure, you can eat the following:-

  • Soft food for the first four to seven days
  • Protein-rich foods – yoghurt and cottage cheese
  • mixed vegetable Soup
  • Smoothies
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Porridge
  • Soft boiled Eggs

There are a few things you should know about the cost of removing wisdom teeth in Australia. Some people can end up paying as much as $500 for one tooth, depending on how complex the treatment is. According to surveys from 2017, simple removals with local anaesthesia will range anywhere between $2000 to $3000 per tooth. General anaesthetic treatments could be even pricier: it all depends on your case.

We offer wisdom tooth extraction depending on what’s best for each patient with sedation or local anesthesia, as well as removal by laser treatment. Our team will work closely with you to decide which option is right for you.

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