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Our Most Popular Dental Services

Want a healthy smile for a lifetime? We offer a range of dental services, from teeth whitening to extractions. If you’re in need of a
local dentist, you’ve come to the right place. Our friendly dental team is here to help.

Invisalign treatment is great for people who are conscious about the way their teeth look. With this treatment, your teeth will be gradually moved into alignment with a series of clear aligners that are custom-designed and fitted to suit your orthodontic requirements.


When it comes to your mouth, you deserve the best treatment possible. This is why at Narre Warren Dental Care, we use dental braces to help fix flaws in our patients’ mouths that could otherwise go untreated.

Clear Aligners

With Clear Correct, you can get a straight smile without all the fuss. -just easy aligners that slide right over your teeth (no creepy wire snapping against your gums). It’s fast and it works!


Choosing veneers will instantly reward you with a dramatic improvement in your smile. Best of all, they can be used to cover up gaps and spaces between teeth. With this treatment, it’s never been easier to whiten your teeth while covering any imperfections that may make you feel self-conscious.

Teeth Whitening

Coffee and wine lovers, it’s time to say goodbye to unattractive teeth! Whitening can get you the white smile that will turn heads. Say hello to simpler mornings with coffee stains a thing of the past.

Dental Crowns

We use the latest materials and techniques to give you a great smile. If you’re feeling self-conscious because of your teeth, or if one of them has been damaged in an accident, we can help restore its natural beauty with our dental crowns.

Why Choose Narre Warren Dental Care

At Narre Warren Dental Care, we’re committed to offering our patients high-quality dental care that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals who will take the time to get to know each patient. 

We perform everything from preventive dental care with regular dental checkups to more intensive treatments like dental implants as a complete dental practice. Our compassionate and hard-working staff will ensure that each patient enjoys an unparalleled level of customer service throughout their visit. It includes making them feel right at home in our cozy and comfortable facilities.

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At Narre Warren Dental Care, we take pride in our dentistry. We want to ensure that every patient gets personalised attention from start to finish.

Our team of dentists will work with you throughout your entire experience at our office so that we can understand precisely what you need for optimal dental health.

We use the most advanced technology and instruments, allowing us to be one of the finest dental clinics in Melbourne & Narre Warren North. Furthermore, due to our commitment to client happiness, Narre Warren Dental Care is regarded as the top clinic in Warren North.

Enjoy Your Smile Now And Pay For It Later

Smile now and pay later with our dental payment options. For your convenience, we have partnered with a range of popular payment plan providers to make dental treatment more affordable for you. Contact us to find out about our Free Interest-Free Dental Payment Plan options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our dental services? We’re here to help! Check out the
answers to some of our most frequently asked questions or browse through below for more information.

We offer various payment options such as Eftpos, Credit Card, and Cash. We are also affiliated with all major health fund providers.

We have a HICAPS facility for convenient on-the-spot dental claims processing for private health fund and medicare.

At our dental clinic, we offer a number of different services to meet your needs. That is why you must find the best finance options that work with your budget. We’ve partnered with some payment plan providers so you can get your needed treatment plans from a qualified dentist at an affordable cost.


Afterpay allows you to pay off your dental care treatment over four equal payments, paid every two weeks. The interest-free credit means no additional fees if the payments are made on time and within the period allowed.


The two products offered by Humm are Buy Little Things and Buy Big Things.

Buy Big Things: You can get approved online or through the app for up to $5,000. Repayment for your loans could be done over 6, 12, 24 months, or even up to 60 months.

When you apply in-store, you may be eligible for up to $30,000, depending on what you buy and where you shop.

Buy Little Things: For purchases worth $2,000 and below, repayments are made in either five fortnightly or ten weekly instalments.

They each have their own set of rules for approval, but no matter what, we never charge interest – ever.

The cost of a dental checkup is determined by several factors, including the location and any underlying problems that the experienced dentist will detect during the procedure. X-rays will incur an additional fee if required.

According to the 2020 national dental fee survey, adults in Australia may pay up to $312 for checkups and cleanings, including fluoride treatment.

The Australian Government does not cover most dental care clinic services. Therefore, the patient must pay for these procedures.

Public dental clinics in Australia treat both children and adults. However, adults require a Health Care Card or a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card. However, each state and territory has its own set of rules.

However, Medicare only covers a portion of the treatments available to children and adults who meet the criteria. The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) gives $1,000 every two years to eligible children aged 2 to 17. It is for basic dental services, such as checkups, cleaning, x-rays, filling cracks in natural teeth, root canal treatment, and extractions. But, it does not cover orthodontic or cosmetic treatments, nor any hospital dental procedures.

Visit the Services Australia website to see if your child qualifies for any services.

Each territory or state offers different services, and you may have to wait up to a year or more to be seen by an expert dentist.

Although it’s never too early to start building a great relationship with your child’s dentist, there are some guidelines that can help you know when it’s time to visit the dentist. The Australian & New Zealand Society Of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children should see a dentist at least once a year from age 1 to 2 years old, twice a year from age 2 to 6 years old, and once every six months from age 6 to 12 years old.

We offer an online booking system that will allow you to schedule your dentist appointment in advance and skip the long waiting period. We strive to make sure every patient has a positive experience at the office, so we encourage you to schedule an appointment ahead of time. 

If you have questions or inquiries, you may also call us at (03) 8771 4137.

Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for any adult, but it can be downright scary for a child. At the same time, it is just as important for children to visit the dentist as it is for adults.

Here are some of the top reasons for the importance of children visiting the dentist early on:

Poor oral health is often caused by an unhealthy diet and a lack of dental care. If you don’t take the time to see the dentist, it is difficult to change your poor oral health habits. Poor oral health can lead to more serious problems such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and tooth loss.

It’s best for both you and your child if you can find a positive dental practice where your child will feel comfortable.

Most dentist are closed during night so if the pain is unbearable. Please visit the Victoria Emergency Dental Care page for information on what steps you need to take.

When selecting a family dentist, it’s critical to ensure that all members of your family will receive high-quality dental treatment. An excellent choice for this position should be patient, gentle, and have experience with treating children. They should focus on giving your children proper dental health care as their teeth develop during this crucial time in life. Aside from their years of expertise, it would be best if you considered the following while selecting your family’s preferred provider:

  • Dental fees and if they accept your health insurance 
  • It is preferable if they have positive reviews.
  • Advanced technology equipment and devices
  • the credentials they have in terms of education and experience
  • Information about the location and business hours, including holiday hours
  • The appointment procedure (Email enquiry, telephone, and online booking)

See your dentist as soon as possible about your toothache if:

  • You have a toothache that lasts longer than 1 or 2 days
  • Your toothache is severe
  • You have a fever, earache, or pain upon opening your mouth wide

Proper identification and treatment of dental infections is important to prevent its spread to other parts of the face and skull and possibly even to the bloodstream.

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